Service Flow

Step 1 Inquiry

First of all, contact us viaContact Form or phone. We confirm your current status and requests.

Step 2 Interview

We confirm details of your order by a face-to-face interview (On-line interview using ZOOM, etc. is available).

Step 3 Order

Before signing a contract, check the estimate and application form. By signing the contract and making the payment, your order is officially accepted.

Step 4 Preparing Required Documents

We will inform you of the required documents and please collect the documents.

Step 5 Preparing, Making and Translating Documents

While you are collecting your documents, we prepare and translate the required documents.

Step 6 Checking Application Documents

Check the application documents and affix your signature and seal. We keep hold your Residence (Zairyu) Card and Passport for the application (instead of your ID, we issue Receipt Certificate and it will be treated as your ID).

Step 7 Apply

We apply your application to the immigration office. When the application is approved, your new Residence Card will be issued at a later date.